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Your entry door is one of the first things people see when they interact with your home. Make sure that your door is a welcoming reflection of your personal style. Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal, increase energy efficiency, or improve your home security, we have options for you!

At Seawright Solutions, we offer Therma-Tru doors. With top-notch engineering and high-quality, durable products, Therma-Tru is the superior option for your home. With both fiberglass and steel options as well as decorative glass in a variety of styles, you can find the unique look you've been searching for. We also offer Therma-Tru patio doors that can be hinged or sliding.

Therma-Tru Door

Material Comparison: Fiberglass, Steel, and Wood

Fiberglass doors have the look and feel of wooden doors, but they will not rot or warp like wood does. It also will not rust or dent like steel. Therma-Tru doors provide you with curb-appeal, energy efficiency, durability, and minimal maintenance. Find out why they are a great option for your home!


•Energy Efficient: up to 4 times the insulating R-value of wood
•Minimal maintenance: does not warp, rot, dent, or rust, unlike wood and steel doors
•Beautiful finishes: wood grain finishes or smooth finishes that can be painted or stained
•Feels like real wood- warm and welcoming to the touch

•Benefits of steel and wood without the drawbacks


•Energy Efficient
•Depending on environment, they can be low maintenance—they don’t rot or warp

•Can rust or dent
•Can only be painted—not stained; paint chipping often happens
•Hot or cold to the touch based on temperature outside


•Beautiful wood grain—high end appearance
•Warm and welcoming to the touch
•Scratches are easily repaired

•Needs regular maintenance—Refinishing is recommended every 1-2 years
•Absorbs moisture—can cause peeling, bubbling, warping, and rotting
•Not very energy efficient

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