Time for a new roof?

When is it time for a new roof? This is a contested subject matter amongst roofers, insurers, and homeowners. There are many different factos at play. It is our goal to help simplify the subject matter. The typical thought process is “if it isnt leaking then its fine.” Sometimes this may be the case, however there are a number of indicators that your roof may be due.

A roof leak is obviously the biggest red flag. Often times a leak will go unnoticed if a homeowner is not checking the ceilings or attic spaces on a consitent basis. Its a good idea to document new water stains on ceiling, or a ring around an old stain to note if there is an active leak source.

For help on leak repairs: http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/repair/how-to-repair-a-leaky-roof.htm

In addtion, the chimney flashing and pipe boots of the roof are two of the most susceptible places for roof failure. These areas can be spotted from the attic. Discolored wood, growth on the decking, and wet spots on the insulation beneath the penetrations will be indicators.

After a wind or hail storm, we reccomend a full inspection by a licensed contractor. Wind damage can often be seen from the ground, however the severity of the damages may be hidden. Hail damage requires a trained eye to locate the impacts and determine if they were in fact damaging to the shingle.


The age of a roof always plays a factor in the condition. The standard shingle will last anywhere from 20-30 year based on manufacturer. In addition, certian climates are more susceptible to storms and damaging uv rays. A new roof system will be more resistant to these factors.

Most roofing professional can provide insight to the condition with a proper inspection. We reccomend your roof be inspected before problems arise so you can budget for a new roof!